Gobierno de San Juan

The province of San Juan is located in the mid west of Argentina, a South-American country. It has a population of approximately 750,500 inhabitants and is surrounded by the mountain range of the Andes. It is an oasis watered by rivers made out of thaw poured from the highest peaks.

This province possesses certain weather conditions that make successful the growing of tomato, vines, olives, etc. Mining activity is one of our biggest industries.

The governor is Dr. Sergio Uñac and maintains a policy of constant support to the productive sector.


Tomate 2000

This is a non profit Association created in 1996 by processors, nurseries and growers to improve competitivity of the whole processing tomatoes value chain by a steady program of research and extension closely related to INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology).

Today, the Association is composed of 7 processors, 4 nurseries, 85 growers and 3 related service companies. The total volume of fresh tomatoes delivered to the processors from its member growers achieves 55% of the total country production through grower-processor contracts.

The Association has a self-insurance system against hail damage that covers all the grower field cash costs and works strongly in GAP with sustainability.

The Association implements an early pesticide sampling detection system to reduce risk of residues in the final products.


World Processing Tomato Council (Wptc)

The World Processing Tomato Council (WPTC) is an international non-profit organization representing the tomato processing industry worldwide. Currently, its members represent more than 95% of the volume of tomatoes processed worldwide.The organization, created in 1998, is constituted of professional tomato growers and/or processors organizations representing their production area. It is headquartered in Avignon (France) and is currently chaired by Dimitris Nomikos (Greece). The two vice-presidents are Mike Montna (California) and Jason Fritsch (Australia).


International Society For Horticultural Science

The aim of the ISHS is to promote and encourage research and education in all branches of horticultural science and to facilitate cooperation and knowledge transfer on a global scale through its symposia and congresses, publications and scientific structure & quot; Membership is open to all interested researchers, educators, students and horticultural industry professionals.

The International Society for Horticultural Science - in short ISHS – is a truly global network comprising over 53,000 individuals, universities, governments, institutions, libraries and commercial companies, in addition to a substantial number of Institutional Members and some 50 Member Countries/Regions. It is a major source of up-to-date information on global horticultural research.

ISHS aims to promote research in all branches of horticulture. It encourages the development of international co-operation, bringing together scientific and technical professionals to stimulate, facilitate and co-ordinate research and scientific activities on a global scale.



Arcor is a leading Argentinian multinational group that specializes in 3 business divisions: Food for mass consumption (Confectionery, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Biscuits and Food), Agribusiness and Packaging.

Arcor is the main foodstuff company in Argentina, the world’s first hard candy manufacturer and the main confectionery exporter of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru, and along with Bagley Latinoamérica S.A., a Danone and Arcor's partnership created to deal with cereal, cookies & crackers business, Arcor is also one of the principal food companies in South America.

Through sustainable management, Arcor develops leading brands reaching people from more than 120 countries. It has commercial branches in America, Europe and Asia and more than 40 factories in Latin America